startUP Con

Schedule of Events

Day 1

Friday, September 9th: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

11:00 am

Beau Bennett

DOO, Interweave Solutions

12:00 pm

Jess Toolson

Founder & CEO | Mixers

1:00 pm

Brenda Anderson

Founder & CEO | Jive

2:00 pm

Sam Taggart

CEO of D2D Experts

3:00 pm


Aleksa Porter | Wander

Savannah Odgen | SunnySide Stitch Co.

Nathan Porter | Wander

Josh Buck

Rex Garcia

4:00 pm

Erik Little 

Founder and CEO | The Tribe

5:00 pm

Carolynn Williams

Founder & CEO | The Orange Soul

Day 2

Saturday, September 10th: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

9:00 am

Kamden LaHargoue

Founder & CEO | Nu Dawn E-commerce

9:30 am 

Keith Huang

Founder & CEO | Sentient Academy

10:00 am

Davis Smith

Founder & CEO | Cotopaxi

11:00 am

Jason Caywood

Founder & CEO | Sandler Sales Training

12:00 pm


Interweave Solutions Short Film 

1:00 pm


Chari Pack | Persnickety Prints

Bennett Maxwell | Dirty Dough

Spencer Arnsten | Built in Beta

Scott Porter | San Diablo Churros

Nate Bradshaw | B10 Capitol

Emily Applegarth | Gamify

2:00 pm

Clayton Stark

Founder & CEO | Summit Auto Lab

Learn from individuals that are just like you. In starting

and growing their own businesses. 

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