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Masters of Business in the Streets Course

This course will provide all the training and qualifications required to receive your MBS Certificate. You will learn the 6P's of Business, how to use business paperwork, as well as Money Management and self improvement principles to increase your personal prosperity. This has 12 units to help you analyze and grow your business. 

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Launching Leaders

Launching Leaders is a personal development and leadership course powered by faith/belief. The course gives you practical tools that open doors to a life of fulfillment and forward progress. Course topics include developing your core values, planning your life, living congruent, finding mentors, and financial fitness.

When you develop your complete self, combining proven principles with spirituality in your everyday life, you can accomplish your life’s true purpose.

You can create your future.

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Finance Tools

FREE Write Off Guide

High Country Finance offers a free write off guide to those that are interested. When you are starting your own business writing stuff off is so important. 

Tax Strategy is a plan of action designed to maximize the money you keep in your pocket, implemented by High Country Finance to make taxes exciting for you because it means keeping more of your money to spend, invest & use however you please.

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Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Marketing Tools

HubSpot Marketing Courses 

Given the rate at which new digital marketing technologies and software are developed, it can be overwhelming to learn through blog posts and ebooks alone. That's where self-paced online courses come in — but which do you choose?

Below are the best free online courses you can take to strengthen your digital marketing skills.

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Google Skillshop Courses

Master the Google tools you use at work with online training

Develop skills you can apply right away, with e-learning courses designed by Google product experts. Learn at your own pace and get Google product certified.

Learn how to use Google products to their full potential.

Find online product training and certifications right for you

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Franklin Covey Webcasts

Discover how FranklinCovey’s world-class solutions will allow your organization to expand its reach, achieve business outcomes, and sustainably impact performance. These webcasts are designed to help decision makers understand how FranklinCovey approaches different business challenges organizations face today.

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Self-Confidence Course

Self-confidence is never given, it is only created. You are the master gardner and the gatekeeper of your self-confidence. This course is designed for you!

 You've got this.  We've got this. Together we will dive in to 3 modules. Checking Your Internal Narrative. Connecting with Yourself. Communing with God.

100 Free Courses for Start Up Con 2022 Attendees/Participants:


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Grow Utah

This site will help you find VC's, Angel, and other investment sources within Utah. 

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they offer


Utah lacks true “early stage, take a bet on founders before anyone else will” capital. 
Convoi Ventures is helping to fill that gap.

As a Utah only and community first fund, we’re able to create a community unlike any other.

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they offer

Seed For Startups

With resources available from the UVU Wolverine Fund, the Ross Seed Fund, the Zinn Starter Fund, and the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute, UVU has the resources and tools to help start or fund your new business! 

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they offer

Additional Resources

Harvard Free Courses

Harvard has lots of free courses that you can take. They don't cost anything to do. You can take courses on computer science, accounting, finance, become a resilient leader, how to start a nonprofit organization, how to negotiate a salary, and so much more! 

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they offer

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

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