startUP Con

startUP Con 2022

September 9th-10th at Utah Valley University 


Beau Bennett | Director of Operations at Interweave Solutions

Beau is deeply passionate for building sustainable & impactful businesses which stems from having a head for business and a heart for the world. 

Since being graduated Beau has been able to train people from 52 different countries learn how they can start or grow their own micro-businesses and become self-reliant. This includes in person trainings in Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast. Some of these trainings included over 300+ people.

Beau has also been able to host zoom calls with individuals individuals from Colombia, Ecuador, Senegal, Bolivia, and Taiwan. Also he has had the opportunity to mentor 10+ UVU students on several occasions as they work through their schooling in their degree of nonprofit studies or international business related. 

Brenda Anderson | Founder & CEO of Jipe

Jipe’s founder, Brenda Anderson, is one of the less than five percent of female Utah CEOs. She lives her life unafraid to uncover and execute ideas that change the way we think—while bringing creative ease to the way we live our lives in a world centered on technology.

As a strong, ambitious, single mom of two teenage boys, she saw a need for an app that made searching for an entry-level job easy and familiar, especially for the Gen Z population. Before starting Jipe, Brenda spent nearly ten years at MarketStar in several Marketing and Business Development positions. She was primarily responsible for managing the MarketStar corporate brand and created, developed, and implemented their employer brand strategy.

After surviving and recovering from brain surgery in 2018, Brenda took steps toward her goal of building Jipe one step at a time. Today she is proudly showcasing Jipe to both job seekers and businesses. The reviews are in: Jipe is needed and relevant, and it is creating a stir in the job search industry.

With its innovative interface, Jipe is able to connect employers with strong talent and job seekers with great career opportunities. Brenda has delivered entry-level jobs to the fingertips of entry-level job searchers in an easy, fast, and effective way!

Scott Porter | CEO & Founder of San Diablo Churros
Scott is a brand experience expert. He is the Founder & CEO of San Diablo Churros, Speaker, Author and Podcaster. He is on a quest through Tacoincidence of finding the best tacos. This is a unique podcast of doing a Podcast over the love of Tacos.

Chari Pack | CEO & Founder of Persnickety Prints

In 2006, she bought a digital camera and learned photoshop where she created 12×12 scrapbook pages of my boys. Unhappy with the 12×12 prints, I set out to find a way to print better quality at a lower price than Costco, and Persnickety Prints was born.

Spencer Arnsten | Founder & CEO of Building BETA

Spencer started his career teaching youth how to find their voice in media production, before falling in love with the punk rock idealism of startups. After years working with a wide array of startups, Spencer has come full circle and is once again teaching youth how to find their voice, this time as they build their first companies.

Bennett Maxwell | Founder and CEO of Dirty Dough

A natural salesman, Bennett Maxwell has been making use of this gift since he was stopped from selling candy bars in elementary school. Our cookies embody our life motto––“it’s what on the inside that counts!”. The rapid growth under Bennett’s leadership led to franchising over 100 stores in 8 months, allowing him to found Cookies for a Cause, a non-profit focused on mental health education in K-12 schools. 

Nate Bradshaw | B10 Capitol

Emily Applegarth | Co-Founder of Gamify

The first startUP Con took place on September 9th-10th, 2022 at Utah Valley University. We had over 18 booths available to start up businesses to learn how to start and grow their own businesses.

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